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A guide to planning a PR event

The purpose of a public relations event is to showcase a company’s/brand’s specific services or products to the public. It’s the event for the press, professionals, and industry influencers to learn about the specific products and services you’d like to showcase and reach the eyes and ears of the general public or target audience.

Tip 1: set a target

Planning an event is a huge responsibility as you’re required to think about all aspects that will affect the company/brand and attendees.

A good foot to start on is by realising the purpose of the event. While this is a simple question, it’s important that your answer is clear and specific. You should be able to go deeper that allows you to measure the success of the event. For example, if the objective is to promote the release of a new product range for a beauty brand, you would need to establish a plan for achieving it and measuring its success.

Ask yourself what’s the benchmark in numbers such as the number of products purchased at the event or the social media coverage received for the event.

Tip 2: plan a realistic schedule

A large reason for why most PR events miss the mark is due to failure to plan a realistic schedule for the event. There’s nothing worse than attending an event that doesn’t go according to the program. It can result in a bad reflection on the brand/company.

Further, there are a few things you’ll need to consider when planning the schedule of the event:
The date and time of the event should be on an appropriate. 
You’ll want to avoid hosting the PR event on a big sports game or local event. 
With a schedule in place, you’ll want to think about a social media strategy to bold up excitement until the day of the event.

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Tip 3: invite the media

Afterall, a public relations event is about publicity. Ensure that your marketing plan a social media strategy that will include the press and relevant personalities to the event. Depending on how well known the brand/company is, you may either have to entice the media or will attract the established news outlets.

Tip 4: choose a venue, food and drinks

Believe it or not, the venue of the event will leave an impression on the attendees. In other words, the venue is a reflection of the event as a whole. This is even more important when you’re introducing a new brand/company to first-timers. Therefore, carefully consider the venue for your PR event and consider aspects such as the location as well as look and feel.

Other than choosing a venue, be sure to plan for food and drinks. With every event, comes the expectation of food and drinks. With such an important event, be sure to hire a catering service as well as a mobile bar hire service for your PR event.