So you’ve decided to celebrate your birthday and not sure how to kick off the festivities. Fret no more, as we’ve created a list of very important things that all adult birthday parties should have.

Follow our guide to the five things every adult birthday party simply cannot do without and before you know it, you’ll be an expert at hosting and even better at creating the right vibe at your birthday party.

A bar is always a good place to start. It suits all types of people, whether they enjoy alcoholic or nonalcoholic beverages. Having an open bar will not only bring aesthetically pleasing energy to the celebration but will keep your guests occupied throughout the gathering. Your friends and family will thank you for it.

Good music and a place to groove to it should be top of your priority list. Having good music played at your birthday party will for one add a soundtrack to the wonderful occasion as well as keep your dancing guests happy. Further, it will have your guests exploring muscles they never felt at the gym. Quick tip: be sure to create a playlist, after all, it is your birthday.

Another benefit of having a mobile bar is that you can have it fit your theme. You even have the liberty to choose the type of drinks and how you’d like it to be presented – every detail counts.

Set the tone for your birthday party celebration by deciding on a theme. You can have your friends and family dress according to the theme.  What’s more, the theme will help you plan the look and feel of your birthday party. Be sure to inform your guests of the theme for the party for them to prepare outfits. A perfect photographing opportunity too.

Food is an important part of hosting a party, particularly when it’s in honour of a birthday. How you go about it is really up to you. However, if you consider your theme and the vibe you want to be set, it should easily guide you in deciding. The great thing about making decisions about food is that there are many options! Options shouldn’t scare you, it simply means you have a wider range to choose from when factoring your budget, taste, and preference.

With a theme selected for your birthday celebration, decorations should be easy to decide upon. Decorations are just as important. They had a feeling to the venue, whether it at a hired venue or the comfort of your home – decorations are a must! Try to get as much detail as possible as this creates a much more personal feel to the decor.

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