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Organising any event, and particularly a conference requires a great deal of planning and strategising. Planning and actioning in advance is essential. The time you’ll need is dependent on the size of the event. Luckily, a successful conference or corporate event if you are willing to make swift and smart decisions.

A HELPFUL GUIDE TO Planning a successful conference

If this isn’t your first time planning an event, you’ll know that without any experience a lot of time can be lost by over-thinking each and every detail. But this doesn’t mean a first-timer will get it all wrong – we’ve compiled a helpful guideline that will take you step-by-step through the planning process. Follow our guide to planning a successful conference event.

Have a vision for the conference

When there are so many aspects to think about it’s easy to fall behind. Start with a vision. With a vision, you can begin to setting out targets for yourself and materialising it into words and numbers. In other words, your first step to planning a conference or corporate event is to outline what is needed and costs, which will help you to make informed decisions.

If you feeling a little stuck on where to begin or what questions to answer, simply ask yourself the basics such as who, what, when, where and why. This should guide you when thinking about all aspects of planning the event.

Think about the venue and services needed

The next big step to planning a huge event for corporate is to think about a venue and the services you’ll need for that day.

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When comparing venues, consider the number of people who will be attending the event as well as aspects such as accessibility, parking, and location.

Events, particularly if it lasts a few hours it’s expected that services such as catering and hospitality are taken into account. Think about the type of event you’re hosting. It should direct to an appropriate estimation for the type and amount of food you’ll be serving. What’s more, think about beverages. An easy option is to hire a bar service for conference event – you’ll have the option of serving a variety of drinks. Devoted Deluxe offers a range of bar options for conferences and corporate events.

Tip: if you plan on having a mobile bar service at your conference event, it’s ideal to install the bar in the corner as it will make it easier to see and find.

Managing registrants

It’s not a successful event if the attendance is low. A big part of planning for a conference event is to ensure that you have a marketing plan in place. It’s important that every seat is filled as it will bring revenue and opportunities. Of course, the bigger the crowd the more you’ll need to manage it. Delegate the tasks to someone in your team and ensure that have the resources to do so efficiently with tools such as an online registration system.

Another benefit of having a mobile bar is that you can have it fit your theme. You even have the liberty to choose the type of drinks and how you’d like it to be presented – every detail counts.

On-the-day details

Lastly, the final ends you’ll need to tie are the mini details that require planning and action. Begin to think about on-site details, such as the business elements that need to be implemented into the conference. Other details to think about include:
Think about how attendees/guests will navigate through the area, perhaps drawing out a layout of the space you’re utilising will be an efficient way to going about it.

  • Have a look at the schedule of the event and ensure those service providers such as the catering company or bar service team to know exactly when they can expect influxes of people. Share the timetable with them well in advance to ensure optimal efficiency.
  • If you need any help with thinking about how the attendees will experience the event, a great exercise is to literally walk through the itinerary as your guests would. This should show you exactly what you’ll need to think about and plan for. 

Devoted Deluxe offers bar services for conferences

If you’re looking to hire a bar service for your conference or corporate event, be sure to have a look at our service offerings for these type of events. With a bar service at your conference event, it’s pretty easy to set up and take down.