Benefits of using a mobile bar at a festival

Festivals are incredibly busy as there are many tasks to complete and details to consider. A mobile bar can cater to a diverse collection of people. And with it being a festival, whether it be a food festival or a music festival – you’ll have thirsty festival goers. There’s no doubt that a mobile bar is sure to up the entertainment at the festival.

Customised Bar

With a mobile bar hire, you have the liberty to choose the look and style of the bar, the size, and management. Devoted Deluxe offers mobile bar services for festivals and is able to requirements. Further, our mobile bars are customisable and can suit the theme of your festival event.

Choice of drinks menu

Devoted Deluxe mobile bar services offer the choice of choosing on the drinks menu. Hiring a mobile bar service means that you can choose what kind of drinks you’ll be serving at the festival – whether it be alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic.

Further, with a large crowd attending your festival, particularly with music festivals, the bar management should be able to cater to them, and efficiently.

Trained mixologists and professional bar service

Bartender Shirts Night Cocktails Man Club Drinks

Devoted Deluxe offers the option to include a professional team to manage the bar. That way, you can rest assured knowing that the bar will operate efficiently and professionally. What’s more, you avoid the effort and time that goes into looking for trustworthy and professional barmen to manage the bar area.


There’s no doubt that choosing to go to the mobile bar hire route will benefit you in many ways. The best benefit of it all, having a mobile bar with a trained, professional team brings peace of mind and convenience knowing that everything is done according to your requirements for the festival.

Mobile bars are not only convenient for festival planners but convenient for festival-goers as well. The last thing that you want them to experience is long queues and lack of drink choices. Avoid long queues by hiring a mobile bar for your festival and cut out the drama.