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There’s something about music events that are so special. But, while the music experience awaits, keeping the attendees entertained and happy requires some planning and assistance. After all, when you think about it, music events such as festivals draw large crowds. The last thing you want to disappoint a large crowd. Therefore, open that notebook planner guide on how to plan a music event – successfully.

We’ve rounded up a list of aspects of a music event that pinpoints some obstacles you may come across planning:

  • Poorly chosen catering options
  • Bad bar service
  • Limited bar stations
  • Unreliable or unprofessional staff
  • Lack of safety and security
  • Failing to meet the restroom capacity requirement.

So since you’re planning a music event or music festival, you’ll need a plan – a guide that’s going to help you with hosting a successful music event.

Safety and security

Ensuring safety and security at the music event should be a top priority on your list of things to do. It’s your responsibility to ensure that all event goers are safe.

General monitoring

The first step to ensuring safety and security for everyone is to have enough security staff for minor incidents. Think about who would attend to an emergency, you’ll need event staff briefed on emergency procedures. Your security should be qualified and trained in response methods.

Other safety and security aspects you’ll need to plan for include:

Weather monitoring

This is particularly important if it’s an outdoor event, remember to monitor the weather forecast for the day of the event.

Medical services and law enforcement

Be sure to notify medical services and law enforcement of your upcoming event. You can request that they be onsite for a response if needed

Evacuation plan

This is non-negotiable. Every event must have an evacuation plan. This includes that all staff is well-briefed in how to follow it.


What’s more, you’ll need to have first aiders on hand for any health issues that may arise. As listed above, it’s important that you have informed the medical services of your upcoming event so for a speedy response if an emergency arises.

Food and drink options for music events

Food and drinks aren’t reasoning why people attend music events, it’s not something to ignore/neglect. This is particularly important if your music event is a full-day affair. Chances are, attendees will be quick bites or drinks throughout the day. Provide a wide range of food options, such as a variety of hot and cold food options.

You might start feeling overwhelmed when you remember to add a bar service to your to-do list. Just like food options, you’ll need to ensure that what’s offered at the bar caters for a wide variety of people.

Additionally, you’ll need to hire a team of people to manage the bar. Mobile bar hiring services is an easy way to these delegate tasks. Hiring a mobile bar service company such as Devoted Deluxe affords you the convenience of asking for what you want and having it done your way. You get to choose the style of the mobile bar and, request professional bar staff needed to manage the station.

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Staffing for your event

Having adequate staffing for the event is crucial. You’ll need staff to cover various tasks such as the following:


Often one of the last factors to consider in the planning process – cleaning. Cleaning staff is needed for the music event. They ensure that restrooms are clean and that litter doesn’t collect.


These are the people that attend to event goers questions, or emergencies.


We’ve all attended a music event and unfortunately had to endure parking issues. The purpose of having a parking staff is to ensure that everyone parks and can navigate safely in and out of the venue.