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Mobile bar hires are becoming increasingly popular each year in the events industry. The days of using a wooden table, covered with a tablecloth and calling it a mobile bar are long gone. Now you are seeing more stylish mobile bars such as Led bars, rustic bars, quirky bars and elegant bars where the main structure can be setup within the hour or even less.


When looking for a mobile bar for your event, ask yourself this…

Will this mobile bar fit in with the theme of my event?

If the answer is yes, do a little bit of research about the mobile bar company by reading reviews on their website or social media page. The last thing you want is a mobile bar company with a bad reputation for not turning up to bookings or poor customer service. 5 star reviews are what you should be looking for to help with your decision. Once you are happy, contact the company by dropping them an email and ensure you provide them with as much information as possible about your event. This is very important as this will enable the mobile bar provider to give you a more accurate quote.


When contacting a mobile bar provider for a quote, consider the following information:

  • Date of event
  • Venue location
  • Number of guests
  • Start/finish times

You can view our booking form here


Once you have received your quote

Upon receipt of any quote, ask yourself a few questions. Are you happy with your quote? Is the quote cheaper than other quotes you have received or more expensive? Sometimes it is human nature to go with the cheapest quote but the cheapest quote does not always mean the best service. This is where you have to compare quotes and see what each mobile bar hire provider has to offer.


Below is a list of a number of things to consider:


  • How many bar staff are they providing for your event? Lack of staff can equal lack of service, also often leading to slow service


  • Are they experienced bar staff? The last thing you want is long queues at the bar due to inexperienced staff.


  • The size of the bar you are enquiring about. The bar may not be the right size to cater for the amount of guests you have at your event.


  • Does the mobile bar hire company provide a glass collector with the mobile bar hire?


  • Do they take all or most of their rubbish with them once the event is over?


  • What beverages do they have to offer? Also ask to see a drinks price list so that you can compare prices with other mobile bar hires. Look for who has the largest variety of beverages to offer. As part of our mobile bar service we allow clients to add some of their favourite drinks to the menu.


  • Do they offer card payments as well as cash payments? This is a tricky one. We offer card & cash payments on all bar hires taking into consideration that 4G signal might not be available. Especially if the venue is in a remote location or in a basement. We always advise clients to inform their guests to bring enough cash with them.


  • Do they provide their own ice & float for change? Yes this may sound like a silly question, but I have heard from a number of event planners that mobile bar companies they have dealt with in the past expect the client to provide this for them.


  • Check if they have a minimum spend. Most mobile bar hires do have a minimum spend. You need to check this before confirming your booking. If you do not hit their minimum spend it falls on you to make up the difference. Some mobile bar hires do not have a minimum spend, they will only take bookings that they know will make them enough money on the night.


  • Are they proving a Temporary Event License (Tens) with the hire? If the venue does not have a premises license you will need a Tens for the sale of alcohol. For more information on Tens click on the following link –


  • Finally ensure that the mobile bar hire provider sends you a booking contract with all of their terms and conditions. Be sure to read each section before signing and also double check their cancellation policy if the hire is to be cancelled from either the providers end or yours. If they do not have a booking contract then it may be worth considering drawing up your own agreement for both parties to sign.


The confirmation


The week prior to your event, the mobile bar hire provider should contact you to double check everything is still the same as previously agreed upon booking and to confirm a few small details. Arrival times, first guests arrival times and guest numbers are all some areas that the mobile bar provider may want to confirm.