To help you achieve a successful fashion event, it’s time you start sourcing top entertainment. We’ve rounded our top five entertainment ideas. Here’s how you can entertain attendees at your fashion show event.  

Fashion Event Ideas

How does one host a successful fashion show? You want people to talk about the event well after the lights have been switched off and further, generate interest in the clothing, the brand or the cause for the fashion show.

fire twirling

1. Fire Twirling

Imagine a fire twirling performance at the beginning of your fashion show. This is one way to kick up a notch and to start the event with a bang. You sure to surprise and excite the guests attending the fashion event.

2. Dedicated Media Wall

A dedicated event wall will definitely stand out as the guests arrive. It’s a simple entertainment idea and easy to achieve. Having a dedicated event wall is not just important for entertainment but for promoting your event on social media.

You’d be surprised by how the event wall will add to the style and personality of the fashion event. What’s fun and useful about having a dedicated event wall is that it can be used for branding purposes as well as being interactive for guests as they take selfies.


This is one sure way to wow guests. What are wondering acts? Basically, they ensure that no one misses out on the fun. These wondering acts can range from magicians to caricaturists or even silhouette artists. With wandering acts at your fashion show event, they will bring the entertainment to your guests.


One form of entertainment that should not be forgotten for any type of event is a trendy mobile bar. As you may know, mobile bars are fast-becoming a trendy addition to have at an event. Be sure to serve fancy drinks at the bar, perhaps customised to compliment the theme of your fashion show event.


There’s no doubt that food is needed for the event. But how do you use it for entertainment too? If you’re serving drinks at the bar, take it further by serving exciting eats that the guests will enjoy. Yummy eats range from yummy snacks to mini desserts being served. When deciding on a menu, be sure to consider if the delicious bites are easy to consume.


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