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Looking for a mobile bar hire in Gloucester? Devoted Deluxe offers mobile bar hiring services in Gloucester. We cater for events of all kinds from weddings to corporate events we have you covered.

Devoted Deluxe is well known for offering excellent mobile bar hiring services in Gloucester and have the accolades to prove it. They’ve been titled an Award Winning 2018 Best of the Wedding Industry Awards Lux Magazine as well as Best 2018 Mobile Bar Provider. We are experts at providing mobile bar services for events of all kinds and offer event management services.

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We pride ourselves in only providing excellent service from the planning stage through to the actual day of the event. Devoted Deluxe has a wealth of experience in providing bar service for events of all kinds. With that comes a range of bar options for your event

Horse trailer mobile bar option

If you’re hosting an outdoor event such as party, wedding, festival or corporate event, the horse trailer mobile bar will complement the occasion. Even if you have a marquee at your event, our horse trailer mobile bar can be positioned at the side of the marquee.

What’s more, we can customise the horse trailer mobile bar in various areas, such as the light box above the trailer or display a sign such as “Happy Birthday”, whichever fits the theme of your event perfectly.

Mobile bar option

While mobile bars are the new way to entertain your guests, it’s important to know what that entails and how it will up the style and character of your event.

With each bar hire, we provide setup, staff, mobile bar equipment, and beverages. What’s more, we provide some serious and spectacular cocktail making that is sure to impress your guests. Our standard premium package provides our clients with a convenient way to select beverage requirements for their events.

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