Bar Hire for End of Year Functions

Devoted Deluxe offers an efficient and affordable mobile bar hire service in Bristol, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, West Midlands and throughout the UK, catering for all types of year-end functions. We have made it much easier for you when it is time to plan the year-end function. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor event, we will assist you with our convenient mobile bar hire.



Efficient Bar Hire Service for Year End Functions

We are a temporary indoor and outdoor pop-up bar hire specialist. Our aim is to deliver high-quality services to all our clients at an affordable cost. We cater for large to small and diverse crowds, working with you to provide a tailor-made package to suit your event. With each bar hire, we provide setup, staff, mobile bar equipment and beverages. What’s more, we provide some serious and spectacular cocktail making that is sure to impress your guests. Our standard premium package provides our clients with a convenient way to select beverage requirements for their events.

High-Quality, Affordable Services

At Devoted Deluxe, we recognise that everyone is different and that you will have specific requirements, the best thing to do is simply get in touch with us and we will attend to your needs efficiently. We are the UK’s leading mobile bar hire company and are trusted by our loyal customers and brands.

If you are looking to just hire a cocktail bartender to a fully stocked mobile bar service then you are in the right place. Our cocktail menus are developed sustainable and seasonally by our head mixologist, delivering incredible flavour and aesthetic ‘wow factor’.

Our service is simple and guided entirely by our experienced events team. We provide you with affordable entertainment options that will be the talk of the office.

Horse trailer mobile bar

If you’ve decided to host the end of year function at an outdoor venue, a horse trailer mobile bar is perfectly fitting. Our horse trailer mobile bar can be used at events with a marquee or event at the side of it.

Aside from the convenience of having a mobile bar at your event, attendees are sure to thank you for it. Just the sight of a horse trailer mobile bar will add to the aesthetic of an outdoor event. Most importantly, being served fancy, signature drinks by our expert team of mixologists will keep the guests entertained.

At Devoted Deluxe, we provide you with an array of choices for the drinks menu. Therefore, we cater to all types of people that will be attending to ensure ultimate satisfaction.

Our mobile bar hire is easy to set up and take down. What’s more, you get to choose the style of the bar to suit your theme. If you’re planning to host the end of year party indoors, the same applies. A mobile bar is what you’ll need and it means you can position it wherever you’d like.

Devoted Deluxe offers mobile hire services

Devoted Deluxe offers mobile bar hire services for all entertainment events such as year-end functions, birthday parties, corporate events and expand to event management.

Cut out the hassle of arranging a bar service yourself and contact Devoted Deluxe to discuss mobile bar hire services for your event.


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